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By john89 | Tuesday, March 04, 2014, 01:58

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We all thought (at least, most of us)that this was 'just-another Liam

Neeson movie'. AND, I justtt realized that in fact, it is. But that

doesn't stop it from being good! GREAT, in fact! Especially since I

went in with not-really much expectations. Thought it was just another

'Taken'-type flick, that I might just feel averagely about it

I've just seen this movie after winning tickets for the

"avant-premiere" here in Montreal, and I can tell you that it's worth

it!!! Action from the beginning to the end, great special effects and

outstanding cast!! Being a fan of Neeson since Schindler's list, I

think it's one of his best!! The story is awesome as well, telling us

about the past of the main character and his self-control of the

situation. Neeson, even at almost 62, is in great shape and the

producers had really the good idea to cast him. If you see this movie

in a plane, you better fasten your seat belt! It's not only the

turbulence that will shake you! I can assure you!!

Liam Neeson is an air marshal who gets framed for a hijacking while the

plane is over the Atlantic. Should be a nice little actioneer,

especially what with Liam coming off the two "Taken" movies. In

reality, we're treated to a slow-poke "whodunit" that never really gets

anywhere. Julianne Moore is a snooze, and the assorted collection of

actors never get a chance to develop (for a fantastic example of how to

develop a character in a flash, see Denzel Washington's "Flight")

Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats and even progressives should be

appalled at this latest Hollywood assault on America and American

values.This revolting piece of trash depicts a passenger airliner under threat

by terrorists who are threatening to kill a passenger every 20 minutes

and ultimately destroy the aircraft.Raise your seats to the full upright position and grab your barf bags

ladies and gentlemen. The murdering terrorist is not an Islamic hater

of America, no people, the terrorist is a US Military man who loves the

Constitution. Oh there was an Islamist in the movie, he my friends, is the hero. The

one, who for once wasn't slamming planes into buildings or cutting off

the heads of infidels, in this wonderful portrayal of reality, the

Muslim saves the day, saves the plane and saves the helpless passengers

as he vanquishes the Constitutional fanatic

one of the better films of the last few years with a very good cast of

Liam Neeson and Julian Moore who are some of the best actors around i

was glad to see this film as it was a change from a no story driven

action flick with people blowing up for no reason with this very good

film which is certainly not over the top and is set on a plane which i

think is good as you have to keep asking your self how did he kill

him/her. the plot bases around a air marshal [ Liam Neeson ] on a plane

and suddenly he receives a text message from a mysterious person who

tells him that if there isn't a lot of money put into a bank account he

will kill someone every 20 minutes

This movie is really good for Liam Neeson fans and for people who like

suspense thriller movies. It's hands down the best movie so far of

2014. This movie is one of those films were your on the edge of your

seat and you think who is it. Who done it

You usually know what you're gonna get from a Liam Neeson movie. And

that is an action-packed adventure that keeps your attention

throughout. What I like about his movies is three-fold: He kicks large

amounts of ass, he keeps you intrigued, and the fact that they are

typically under two hours. Non-Stop is no different; just like Taken

the action takes place within twenty minutes from the start, and things

snowball from there. Non-Stop does a good job of throwing curve balls

to keep you guessing until the very end. Sure, it's not perfect, but it

is one of those movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat for

the duration

"Non-Stop" is an action mystery thriller starring Liam Neeson and

Julianne Moore and is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Orphan).

The story takes place 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean inside of a

plane traveling from New York to London. Bill (Liam Neeson) is a

Federal Air Marshall with a troubled past. He is assigned to accompany

the international flight when things take a turn for the worst and

there is an apparent hijacking of the plane

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