Man drove at woman in parking row

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By The Bristol Post | Tuesday, November 06, 2012, 08:00

A woman was left in agony when she was rammed by a driver as she tried to save a space for her disabled parents.

Lizzie Barnett screamed and banged on the bonnet of a Volkswagen before the middle-aged man at the wheel drove off along Clevedon seafront.

Avon and Somerset police are now hunting the hit-and-run driver who caused nerve damage to Mrs Barnett's left leg.

Miss Barnett said: "I was waiting on the seafront for my elderly parents, who were driving down from their flat. I'd walked down with my two daughters, aged 13 and six. My parents' mobility is very restricted and my father is registered blind.

"There were several parking spaces free on the front and I spotted one directly opposite Tiffin's cafe, where we were heading. I stood in the parking bay in order to save it for my parents. A couple of cars slowed up and after I indicated I was saving it, they gestured a friendly 'ok' and parked further up.

"Then a couple in a dark grey VW – a Golf I believe – came up to the space. Again I gestured, and the woman acknowledged me with a nod. What happened next still sends a shudder down my spine. The man at the wheel drove straight at me, stopping short of making contact. He didn't say anything, he just looked very angry. I asked him what on Earth he was doing and explained what I was doing.

"He reversed out of the space and I turned towards to kerb where my daughters were waiting, still standing in the space. But the driver then accelerated into the space, hitting my leg and continued to try to nudge me forward with his car. I couldn't move out of the way as my foot was right up against the kerb. I screamed out and banged on the bonnet for him to stop. The woman in the car was also shouting at him to stop. At this point he reversed quickly out and drove off."

Mrs Barnett, 43, lives with her husband and three children near Truro, Cornwall, and works for the ambulance service. She and the children were visiting her dad, 84, and mum, 83, who live in Clevedon not far from the pier.

Mrs Barnett added she did not manage to get the car's registration.

The incident happened at 10.23am on October 29. Miss Barnett believes the car's registration started with a W. She said the couple were in their 50s or 60s. The white man wore a dark jumper or jacket, had grey hair and steel-rimmed glasses. The woman also had grey hair.

Police spokesman Wayne Baker said officers were keen to speak to the driver and anyone with information could call police on 101.



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    This thread is like Clevedon's very own John Grisham novel. In a good way.

    By CurtisHewitt at 19:09 on 08/11/12

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    @Kazbar03,,,you don't seem to be getting much sympathy on here.

    By forandaft at 18:49 on 08/11/12

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    I'm not a lawyer, but talk me through how your interpretation wouldn't lead to someone parking in one of those parking spaces being construed as blocking the highway?

    By PPusher at 18:05 on 08/11/12

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    Legal Eagle
    IMO Its the same prinicple as putting out movable traffic cones or a wheely bin for a short period of time to hold a space. A minor misdemeanor agreed but an obstruction of the highway nonetheless, of which in reality is an offence, should anyone actually be bothered over it.

    I have previously clarified I in no way condone what followed. I too hope the law catches up with them and they are prosecuted. What drew me to this piece was solely to correct some commenters beleiving she was legally in her right to stand in the space as an obstruction to all users other than her parents.

    By Waybaloo at 17:26 on 08/11/12

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    @waybaloo me too. Perhaps you could explain how standing in parking space for a minute with the intention of moving would not be deemed use and how it would an unlawful obstruction?

    Or then again perhaps not as you like others are here to simply be negative and have a go. The intention of the release is to find the perpetrator but many use these sites for personal entertainment with the security of anonymity.

    Or you could agree and focus on the fact that someone has use a vehicle as a weapon in an unjustifiable assault in circumstances likely to or intending to cause injury.

    I hope the police charge the make if found and also with failing to stop and failing to report a collision.

    By Legal_Eagle at 14:37 on 08/11/12

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