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I just viewed the film and while it had some great action,

introspective moments, and engaging CGI it felt as though it was

keeping the audience in the "friend zone." Fortunately I was given a

comp ticket for purchasing the new Blu-Ray on Amazon.The commentary on American Society is there, but not as intensely as it

needed to be. The action scenes were enjoyable and engaging at times,

but really everything felt like it was trying to be safe and cozy.The only redeeming quality is that there is room for so much more


The sensational feeling I am left with after watching this movie needs

to be put into words before I can rest. But before I get into this, let

me start by saying that I am a huge sci-fi fan and the original RoboCop

(from 1987) was one of my favorite in the genre. I recently watched it

again and I was still amazed that as an adult I could still appreciate

this movie.Unlike the original, the new RoboCop (remember it is PG-13) had

absolutely nothing to offer and it was definitely the worst remake I

have ever seen. For the first time ever at a movie theater I found

myself wanting to leave in the middle of the movie. It is not that this

film tries to be something it is not, it is simply not even trying to

be anything

I love original robocop but I am just going to act if this one was not

a remake and I won't compare this to original robocop. i hate how they

explained (or didn't) that Murphy was able to go outside his

programming because he had a soul it is just lazy writing. remember

when t-800 drives a bike? well obviously robocop was made out of paper

because the bike didn't even budge when he sit on the bike. the silver

suit was good but the black one didn't make me believe that he was a

robot and what is the point of keeping a hand?? it is made out of bones

and muscles and there is no way in hell it is as useful as a robotic

one. if they saved an arm or something maybe but just the freaking

hand?? what is the point? since his head was the only part of him that

wasn't heavily armored and his only weak spot what is the freaking

point of putting a red target light on his head? and why would Michael

Keaton point his gun to child was he a murderous sociopath from the

beginning? over all i think everything that was there was just for the

looks they thought it would look or sound cool so put them in the

movie. it is just lazy writing and it didn't make any sense to me

There are a lot of things about this film that are done well. The

actors, Michael Keaton, Abby Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, etc..

Never ever we will have a movie that will make us forget the original.

However, this movie might be a better beginning for letting two other

sequel that will make us forget the movies 2 & 3 from the 90'. They

made a nearly good job with most of the actions scenes and the plot but

there are some design and casting problems that is making the movie

disappointing at some crucial moments, like no real bad ass, no

charismatic main character: even Keaton and Oldman seems to overplay.

The only surprises are Kinnaman and Jackson that really fit in their


I first saw RoboCop on VHS when I was 13. Somehow Murphy's drama

resonated more than the ultra-violence. The moment Lewis says "Murphy,

it's you"; him visiting his old home; the moment he takes off his

helmet; the whole "is he a man trapped in a machine or a machine that

thinks it's a man". All these impressed me more than, say, the "acid

bath".Based on early signs, I thought the new RoboCop will be much worse -

the stills, the trailers, nothing convinced me

You're probably never going to believe this but I have never seen the

original so I have nothing to compare this one to. A lot of people

didn't like the original while the critics liked it and rotten tomatoes

says that it fails to improve over the original one. But don't get me

wrong, I really liked this movie and thought it was not that bad. Sure

it's not perfect but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Though the film suffers

from narrative inconsistencies at the climax, it has stellar

performances from the cast. It think Gary Oldman's performance was the

best of all and it found him at his most dynamic, and my second

favorite was Micheal Keaton as the CEO of Omnicorp (*spoiler alert* the

company that makes Robocop in the film)

Alex, is you still there? Clara, stand away. I said things were

complicated. Please give me some time. All I need is my husband back

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