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The Lego Movie is a winner on several levels. There is a good amount of

clever gags and I was constantly bursting with laughter. I was

surprised by how it contained so many memorable cameos, pop icons and

film references, providing a strong nostalgia factor to older viewers.

The playful approach towards movie clichés made it a really enjoyable

and refreshing watch. The animation is absolutely stunning and the

blend of CGI with stop motion worked brilliantly. Everything can be

attachable, making the vibe of each scenario feel very unique and

unlike anything you've ever seen

My boy loves all the Lego cartoons on TV so, obviously, I thought he'd

enjoy the film.Unfortunately, the powers that be behind this, opted instead to try to

blend The Matrix with Kevin Smith-esque constant nods to American pop

culture to appeal to "fanboys" who played with the little bricks and

yellow people as kids, pumping it all up with a (disjointed) plot to

fully expose the brand's toy range and maximise the action (chaos) on

screen, regardless of how pointless it was. The result - with

incredibly fast action sequences even I had trouble keeping up with -

was something that both bored and bemused my boy... who luckily, had a

big bag of sweets to keep him entertained

Now, don,t get met wrong on my summary for it is a positive one. A

movie about a toy product? Some would say it would be ridiculous, but

if it is, this one is ridiculously awesome!!!Like the what the theme song in the trailer said, everything here is

awesome: the animation, the characters, the theme, and the twist.The animation here is very good. I don't really know if it's

stop-motion or computer-generated, but it's pleasing to the eyes. It

looks like the came zoomed in on lego toys

The idea of a Lego movie really didn't entice my enthusiasm one Iota,

and the trailer was even more discouraging.But i'm here to say that this is one of the funniest, sweetest, family

films I've seen in a while.The premise is simple, a prophecy is held stating that a special master

builder will find a piece that will defeat lord business, and stop him

from destroying the world.Jump eight and a half years later, we meet Emmet, an ordinary man who

follows the instructions by the book, and goes unnoticed by his work

colleagues and pretty much everyone in general.That is until he spots a stranger around the building site, and he

discovers the sacred piece, and a policeman who's less than


Since 1949 the popular line of construction toys have been entertaining

children and all the family for generations, becoming a worldwide brand

of not just the colourful interlocking plastic bricks and small

figures, but branching into merchandising, games, books/magazines,

clothing, stores and theme parks/hotels, becoming the most successful

toy of all time, and now at last (after a few straight to DVD films)

Lego (made in Denmark, the Danish name translated means "play well")

becomes a movie, from the creators Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Basically eight and a half years ago the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan

Freeman) failed to stop evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from stealing

the super weapon called the "Kragle", but he warned the villain a

prophecy where a person called the "Special" will find the Piece of

Resistance which will stop the weapon. Ordinary construction worker

Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt) spots a woman called Wyldstyle

(Slither's Elizabeth Banks) searching for something at the construction

site, investigating he falls into a hole and unintentionally finds the

Piece of Resistance, he touches it, experiences vivid visions and wakes

up after passing out with it attached to his back, he is held in

custody Lord Business's lieutenant Bad Cop (who also turns into Good

Cop), and he learns about the villain's plan to destroy the world with

the Kragle. Wyldstyle rescues Emmet and takes him to Vitruvius who

explains he and her are "Master Builders", who can build anything they

need, in great speed and without manuals, Lord Business disapproved of

this creativity and stole the Kragle (a tube of "Krazy Glue") for his

eventual plan to freeze the universe perfectly in place, as the

"Special" Emmet is the destined to be the one to stop him, but he has

no creativity of his own

The Lego Movie was a very well done, and relevant children's movie that

will also be very enjoyable for adults. This movie was a long time

coming and they did a great job recreating a living Lego universe. This

was everything I was hoping it would be and more.This movie really made me feel like I was a child again. The plot was

very well thought out and really felt like it brought to life what we

were all thinking when we were playing with Lego's as kids. I really

felt immersed in this world as I watched it

Hollywood has a long history of taking beloved relics from our

childhood and adapting them into big-screen entertainment, with the

unfortunate truth being that the final product often bears little

resemblance to the source material that our younger counterparts loved

so much. Typically we're left with something that feels like a cheap,

hollow cash-in (The Smurfs, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks), or a

bloated, special effects-laden monstrosity full of explosions and poor

acting (Battleship, Transformers, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra)

Here's a movie based on a toy plastic building brick. Of course the

early trailers looked lame and what are they thinking? Now the movie

arrives and dominates the box office, because it is good. Not too intense for kids and enough jokes for adults. There is a break

neck pace, and a color assault on the senses

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