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What a blast! My wife and I took our five and three year olds to this

movie, and I think we had more fun with it than they did.That's actually not very surprising, since the Lego franchise is

defined by sarcastic humor full of pop culture references, many of them

references to the pop culture of my own childhood rather than that of

the present. "The Lego Movie" is fast, fun and colorful, and is capped

with a surprise twist that had almost as much of an emotional impact on

me as the ending of "Toy Story 3" did, and in the same way.My favorite moment is the appearance of the Millennium Falcon, and the

alternate version of what happens to it when it's trying to escape the

giant space slug in the asteroid field

"The Lego Movie" is one of the most frantic movies I have ever seen,

but also one of the most creative and funny. It is filled with charm,

intelligent humor, and more importantly heart.The writing is incredibly strong. There are a lot if play on words and

unpredictable moments that really surprise the viewers

Great plot, great graphics, superb animation, excellent voice acting,

laugh out loud comedy. This movie has everything for all the family.

It's a roller-coaster ride that is supposed to last 100 minutes but

seems to be half that length as you are swept along in a magical

journey discovering different worlds along the way.Liam Neeson stole the show for me as his portrayal showed a great range

of emotion which you would think would be difficult to show in some

pieces of Lego.I took my 7 and 10 year old boys and we all loved it.I couldn't really fault this movie so it has to be a 10 from me!

We took our 6 yr old and 12 yr old today to see this. I liked some of

the writing but overall was disappointed with the movie. I am glad I

used passes or I would have been harsher if I spent good money on it.

Compared to Clutch Powers The Lego movie was not as polished and the

heroes I wanted to see that were in the commercials were only in the

feature for a few seconds. The ol' bait and switch like Wreck It Ralph

pulled IMO. I also felt dizzy watching some of the action scenes and

lost track of what was going on

Living in Montreal, I worked for Mega Brands, Lego's #1 competitor in

the world of construction toys. I spent the entire day with "builders"

and "designers" who - like me - had always loved playing with Lego

toys. They were brilliant people creating amazing toys with bricks,

showing creativity and passion for toys and Lego.So you can imagine that when I went to see the Lego Movie, my

expectations were pretty high..

Based on the popular Lego line of construction toys, The LEGO movie is

a fun, entertaining animated film, filled with numerous pop-culture

references, together with an interesting, rather unexpected twist near

the end of the film. The script was well-written, well-planned and

well- executed.The film's storyline is rather formulaic and been done many times

before: It's a story about an ordinary nobody, who lives his own life

by the book, go through the same old routine everyday, conforming to

specific sets of instructions...believing that 'Everything is Awesome'

My boy loves all the Lego cartoons on TV so, obviously, I thought he'd

enjoy the film.Unfortunately, the powers that be behind this, opted instead to try to

blend The Matrix with Kevin Smith-esque constant nods to American pop

culture to appeal to "fanboys" who played with the little bricks and

yellow people as kids, pumping it all up with a (disjointed) plot to

fully expose the brand's toy range and maximise the action (chaos) on

screen, regardless of how pointless it was. The result - with

incredibly fast action sequences even I had trouble keeping up with -

was something that both bored and bemused my boy..

I was the only adult who didn't bring kids to the theater and all I can

say is that I was leading the clapping when the credits rolled."The Lego Movie" was an awesome, super creative, and extremely

satisfying film for all ages- that is, if you have ever played with

Legos. Even people that have never bought a Lego set will this enjoy

this awesomely humorous and in the end, heartfelt movie.(Notice I am using the word awesome a lot, because one cannot stop

singing the "Everything is awesome" song played in the movie

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