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In case you don't know, "Son of God" is a spin-off of the successful

History Channel mini-series, "The Bible." The movie was filmed at the

same time as the show. In fact, it's the extended footage of the Jesus

section of the series. But there was a reason all of that footage was


Fast paced, dynamic. Such a contrast to Zeffirelli's languid "Jesus of

Nazareth". It is easy to understand why people were attracted to this

itinerant preacher. A plus is that many who are too familiar with

Gospel texts may be startled awake when they hear them in new settings

or coupled in unfamiliar ways. Making Mary Magdalene a constant

companion of the apostles is very significant

There are no words to describe the emotions and feelings that you will

get while watching SON OF GOD. It is truly a masterpiece that I feel

every Christian and NON Christian should see. It tells you the real

story of Christ birth, and the journey HE had to go thru because of

what God had intended for HIM. You will smile in parts, you will

definitely sob in parts and then there is a feeling like no other at

the end of the movie. SO I GIVE IT A 10 AND I'D GIVE IT A NUMBER BEYOND

ALL NUMBERS. Don't sit at home and hear what others have to say about

this wonderful, fantastic movie, you go, take your husband, your wife,

and your children

I saw "Son of God", starring Diogo Morgado-The Bible_t.v.,


As someone who has been seeing movies for over 30 years, and as someone

who has seen almost every Biblically based film out there - SON OF GOD

ranks at the very TOP for me. I had the privilege of seeing an advanced

showing of the film and it was truly inspiring. Those who know Jesus as

their Lord and Savior will LOVE it.

I'm glad that movies like this are even out there - especially with the

visibility that this one is getting. It's important to engage with the

claims of Jesus because, as C.S. Lewis wrote: "Christianity, if false,

is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only

thing it cannot be is moderately important

If this were my first exposure to the story of Jesus I would be

impressed. There is something very compelling about the Man, very real,

very human, yet you can never really escape the notion that He is

obviously much more than that. He never comes across aloof, or out of

touch with real people. The movie takes some liberties on the Biblical

text and leaves out a few important parts, but it's impossible to

capture everything in a two hour movie

I was amazed to find the theater filled at the very first showing of

this film at 11:45 on a Fri afternoon as I'm usually there with 3-4

other people. This attests to the desire for spiritually inspiring

"entertainment" in our world today. We were not disappointed. The

acting was good, cinematography nice and for the most part, Biblically

correct as I was taught in Sunday School decades ago. The audience was

quiet and respectful for a change and virtually all of us stayed thru

the credits, not wanting to miss any other film footage

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