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By Local_Andy | Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 21:46

Looking at Victorian Piers is tiring, hungry work. So where do you go in Clevedon to reward yourself for taking in some history, to impress your partner, or simply for a cheap night out when you can’t face cooking?

Now, before I begin, everybody's taste buds, opinions, and opinions on taste buds differ. So if what you think I've written below is flannel then say so. It's like elections, unless you get up and vote you're stuck with the man you've got. So add your comments below or review the restaurants YOU like using the oh so handy links provided.

Here we go:

Clevedon’s culinary delights are split between the levels with, as you might expect, the expensive end of the market at the top of Hill Road and the takeaways down by the Triangle. 

The most well known restaurant in the town has to be Murrays. The family-run business which includes a fabulous deli next door has a reputation which spreads across the South West if not the country. 

The food is exquisite and the restaurant is unpretentious, holding onto its friendly, family game plan. 

But those who look around will be rewarded too.  Also on Hill Road is the superb Italian restaurant Scoozi. I’ve only ever had pizza there and could happily eat their calzone every day for the rest of my life. It’s much cheaper than Murray’s and always seems to have quite a buzz to the place on weekends.

The waiters are very friendly and fitted my partner and I in, despite turning up at rush hour on a Saturday night with no booking. No point in turning away good business. 

Food-wise, according to my foodie partner, the closest rival to Murray’s is probably Il Giardino on The Beach. It looks expensive from the outside but isn’t too bad and the waiter’s memory is remarkable, reeling off the specials board of fish choices as if recalling the alphabet. 

We had a stunning fish supper there a few weeks back and it is great dining out on the seafront. The reviews might be a little unsure about the décor, but they rave about the food. 

Along from Il Giordino is Five the Beach.

Café by day, restaurant by night; this is one of those places which is able to bridge the gap with it’s trendy, relaxed sea-side cool, great food and small size. 

Make sure you check out one of their intimate jazz nights, but be sure to book in advance as they sell out quickly due to the limited number of seats.Back to Hill Road and Mon Plaisir is described as “a hidden British secret” and an “exceptional fine dining restaurant” by Fabio on the Clevedon People reviews.

It is tucked away but look out for the signs across the road from Murrays.

Wine fans who don’t want to walk too far to their watering hole for the night might prefer The Cellar, a wine bar which does food, or Junior Poon, a restaurant with its own separate wine bar downstairs.

Both are also on Hill Road.

The Cellar pulls one Clevedon People user over from Wales such is his fondness of it. And his top tip? “ If you have not tried it I really do recommend you do - the house Chardonnay (available from a single glass to a litre jug!) is vey similar to some of the better Burgandys we have found at twice the price.” So there you go. Money saved too. 

Junior Poon is a Peking and Szechuan Restaurant and wins the prize for best-looking restaurant frontage in the town surely (don’t believe me? Check out the photos).

Its rivals for the Asian food market lie down on Old Church Road in the form of the Red Rose, Monsoon and Bangla. The first two are definitely more upmarket than Bangla but the latter does a fine takeaway on top of its eat-in service.

Red Rose is described in the reviews on the site as having fast service and good curries and Monsoon gets its fair share of pre-Curzon-cinema punters in its swanky, modern, neon-lit premises.

Alone on its own on further down Old Church Road, and all too handily on my route home, is the trusty Cheung Chaw Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway. If their eat-in food is half as good as their takeaways you are onto a winner. And it is MSG free.

Then of course there are the pubs. The Salthouse and The Little Harp are going head to head offering two good-quality meals for £10 which is hard to ignore, especially given the sea views.

And of course there is Campbell’s Landing and the Moon & Sixpence who also do food and share the sea views.

And if you are dining out in the day-time you’ll find it hard to ignore the lures of Scarlett’s and the latest addition to the seafront, Tiffin, run by Linda and Nicholas Wring who used to man the café on Clevedon Pier. 

A friendly call to the Walton Park Hotel can have you added to their dining room list for an evening if you want to try the food there without paying for a room.

And for those in Clevedon who have sampled all the above and want to venture further afield then try the newly reopened Battleaxes Pub in Wraxall, The Star Inn in Tickenham which does a mean Sunday roast or Bottelino’s, a fine Italian on Nailsea’s High Street.

If you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spend and a celebrity urge to indulge, head for the new Marco Pierre White restaurant at Cadbury House in Congresbury.

But most importantly keep adding and sharing your thoughts on Clevedon People. Where’s a hit? Where’s a miss? What’s worth a recommendation? Good chefs deserve it.

Happy eating.




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    I don't know too many restaurants in Clevedon but I have to say I had a fantastic lunch at Tiffin a couple of weeks ago. I was really impressed by the informative and attentive staff and the quality of the food which certainly looked and tasted home cooked was fantastic. I like my food, it must be said, and felt the portions were verging on generous, and I mean that in a good way. Nothing worse than a huge plateful you can't finish, but the great slab of pork pie, slices of bread and salad selection was a real treat. And what a great location too, even in the rain! I am even considering driving from Bristol to go for lunch there now. Good luck to Linda and Nicholas.

    By Peevo at 12:12 on 14/10/10

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