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Groups Local_Andy Created


    Clevedon pier

    Group for memories, pictures, tales and plans of and for the historic pier which defines the town of Clevedon.

    45 members


    What's on in Clevedon

    Promote your talk, show, gig, comic routine here or recommend others. Been to a good open mic night recently or a play you think deserves a mention? Review it, share your views with the rest of us.

    67 members


    Christmas in Clevedon

    Everything and anything to do with Christmas in Clevedon should go here.

    16 members


    Art in Clevedon

    A group for local artists to share tips, list shows, showcase their work, pick a painting of the week and recommend courses, websites and local shops.

    40 members


    Shopping in Clevedon

    New shops, old shops, sales, discounts, favourites, opening hours... share all here about shopping in Clevedon.

    22 members

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Groups Local_Andy Joined

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    Get all of the latest Clevedon Events news and join the discussion on the Clevedon

    155 members

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    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    13 members

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    Churches together in Clevedon

    We love God and we love Clevedon. Our churches are full of people who have stories of how God has shown His amazing love to them. All are welcome

    7 members

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    Clevedon Pride

    Raising money for Christmas lights,and planting

    8 members

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    Things to do and events

    22 members

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