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Groups Trudi_B Created



    A place for businesses to share their news, schemes and initatives

    35 members


    Amateur Dramatics

    Amateur Dramatic groups in Clevedon, TIckenham, Yatton, Kenn and Kingston Seymour which perform to the public

    6 members



    Children's Hospice South West provides hospice care to life-limited children and their families, in a hospice environment, from across the South West; from South Gloucester, Bristol, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

    10 members



    A group to post any news and events about charities

    10 members



    A group to keep people up to date on any sporty events in the area

    16 members

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Groups Trudi_B Joined

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    Clevedon Town FC

    A group for everything to do with CTFC. From fixtures to match reports, junior club news, lifts to games and general banter from the terraces.

    9 members

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    Clevedon traffic

    Report traffic problems, offer lift shares, share your short-cuts or routes to avoid.

    11 members

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    Clevedon Town Council

    Council matters, debate over powers, actions of councillors, contact details, events, share all here.

    12 members

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    Eating out in Clevedon

    A group for comments on restaurants, bars and takeaways in Clevedon. Where do you recommend?

    27 members

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    Crime in Clevedon

    A group to discuss problems in Clevedon, suggestions to fix them and relations with local police.

    9 members

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Little Birdy

Why I like Clevedon

I am a born and bred Clevedonian and really and think that we are very lucky to live so close to the seafront, which is a great place to walk along when the weather is good.


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